Joseph’s Amazing Camels

Joseph’s Amazing Camels

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Joseph’s Amazing Camels, hiring out camels for entertainment. Camel racing, pig racing, camel rides, film work (Aladdin). The best in the UK.


Joseph’s Amazing Camels is still open for business ! We hire out camels and pigs for racing, filming, parties, Christmas Nativities and any event that is legal and feasible from Central London to the rest of the UK.  We maintain the highest standards of welfare and training and consider our camels to be as much part of the family as our dogs.

The camels make a huge impact at any event whether they are racing or being on display.  They have played a big part at weddings of all denominations and are great fun to be around with their friendly inquisitive natures.

The more camels the better ! Book JAC Ltd for 2021 and see the results in your footfall.


Animal Displays, General Arena Display & Entertainments

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