Skiddle bus makes it Showman’s Show debut after completing ‘The Big Busk’

The Skiddle bus has been travelling around festivals all summer being used as a stage for DJs and bands, a backstage area for artists, PR office, DJ workshops and a bar, amongst other things. It will be making its debut at the Showman’s Show next week, having completed ‘The Big Busk’. The partnership between Skiddle and Big Issue North tackles poverty and homelessness in the north of England, using the power of music to raise money.

The Big Busk was a five-day event across Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool and Preston, taking place during World Homelessness Week (9-13 October). Using the Skiddle bus as a touring stage, it spent a day in the centre of each city, hosting an array of new and established singers, musicians, bands, DJs and comedians. Over the past year, Big Issue North magazine has been putting on events under the banner of ‘Street Noise’ in a bid to tackle homelessness through music. Artists including Frank Turner, Clint Boon, and Puppet Rebellion have played shows to raise funds, with The Big Busk is set to be Street Noise’s biggest event yet.

The ongoing partnership with Skiddle, will see the two established, North West-based organisations unite, using their combined strengths and joint interest in music to raise money for the homeless in their heartlands.

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