Since its inception, Continest has been driven by a vision: to revolutionise the world of temporary infrastructure for events. Born from the desire to create safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-transport, and eco-friendly solutions. Continest's foldable units have become synonymous with outstanding return on investment (ROI), cutting transportation and deployment costs without compromising functionality, safety, or sustainability.

2024 will see the company celebrate its fifth appearance at the esteemed Showman's Show. The team is excited to reconnect with customers and partners from the dynamic and competitive foldable cabin market, where Continest dominates. This year brings exciting news, the company will be showcasing units and offering the flexibility of hiring or selling them to partners and customers alike.

Continest units are not just versatile; they're indispensable for accommodating visitors, staff, facilitating office spaces, ticketing, or providing essential support for event security or medical crews. Their adaptability makes them ideal for any event scenario, providing seamless integration into any environment.