Showman's Show Environmental Sustainability Policy


Environmental Sustainability Policy

‚ÄčThe organisers of the Showman’s Show recognise the great importance of minimising their environmental impact and are committed to implementing change and utilising ethical practices, where reasonably practicable, throughout the event. They aim to encourage a sustainable approach within the event industry, and communicate this effectively to all stakeholders, including: staff, exhibitors, contractors and attendees wherever possible.


Sustainability initiatives by the organisers;

  1. Travel – Encourage and support car sharing and the use of public transport where possible. A free shuttle bus from Newbury Station to the Showground will operate on the 18th & 19th October. We are working with, the online platform that enables people to share a car journey, save money and make some new industry contacts along the way.
  2. Encourage all stakeholders to bring along a reusable water bottle.  There will be free drinking water fill up points in the Exhibition Hall Café and Show Restaurant.
  3. Encourage all stakeholders to bring along a reusable coffee cup. There will be a discount on hot drinks where reusable cups are used in the Exhibition Hall Café, run by The Coffee Cart, and the Show Restaurant on Lew Spencer Avenue.
  4. Encourage all stakeholders to use the recycling bins and skips provided.
  5. Work closely with organisations who are promoting and supporting the improvement of the event industry’s environmental impact.


Sustainability initiatives for exhibitors;

  1. Water efficiency – we request that exhibitors only use what they actually need.
  2. Carpet – we recommend using the Show’s supplier who in turn arranges the recycling of the used carpet. Please contact the organisers for details.
  3. Book stand power early so organisers have a clear idea of your power requirements.  If you are unsure what will be needed, please do get in touch to discuss.
  4. Power management on your stand - we ask exhibitors to switch off equipment over night and at times when they are not in use where possible.
  5. Caterers – where possible, use recyclable or biodegradable cutlery and packaging to diminish single use plastic waste.  We can suggest for sustainable catering equipment.
  6. Encourage exhibitors to check the environmental credentials of their stand contractors.
  7. Recognise and reward exhibitors who are demonstrating a commitment to developing environmental credentials with the Green Supplier and Innovation Award.