Satellite Industries stands as a frontrunner in the sanitation industry, boasting a legacy of 65 years in advancing the engineering of their products. Their commitment to innovation is evident in the continual enhancement of portable toilets, service units, vacuum technology, deodorisers and a newly added division of trailers and mobile housing to ensure a wide range of products that is durable and user-friendly.

As the leading manufacturer in the field, Satellite Industries is determined in its pursuit of pioneering solutions that not only elevate user experience but also champion environmental preservation.

With strategically positioned warehouses across Europe, including the latest addition in Denmark – its newly acquired trailers division- Scanvogn, Satellite Industries is confident it can swiftly cater to customers’ needs, no matter the product, the time or place.

The Satellite Industries trailer division offers a premium manufactured mobile solution tailored for both the construction and events industries. The extensive portfolio includes trailers for construction crews, accommodations, offices, dining, sanitation, decontamination, and bespoke solutions for remote areas. Renowned for quality and comfort, the wide range of trailers products are crafted from lightweight, non-organic materials for insulation, hygiene, and durability that is trusted globally.

In addition, Satellite Industries is recognised for fostering successful partnerships, proudly introducing the strategic collaboration between Satellite Industries and MadamePee underscores this reputation, leveraging Madame Pee 's commercial acumen and industrial proficiency to drive the feminine sanitary revolution forward and foster a more global sanitation landscape.

Madame Pee female urinals are innovative restroom solutions designed specifically for women. They provide a discreet and convenient way for women to urinate in public restrooms or outdoor settings without having to sit on a traditional toilet seat. MadamePee urinals are typically designed to accommodate the female anatomy comfortably and hygienically, offering a more sanitary alternative to traditional facilities.