Marquee and event hirer, Trafalgar Marquees, invests in MCS Rental Software to help its business grow. With its desire to focus on its customer service, Trafalgar went in search of a hire solution provider that would have similar values to its own and help to facilitate its plans for business growth well into the future.

As well as focusing on its customers' needs, Trafalgar Marquees wanted to reduce paperwork and laborious admin work. With the MCS-rm rental solution, the marquee hirer is now able to empower its remote and on-site teams with digital access to information, speeding up its hire process, and improving its carbon footprint. James Morris, director of Trafalgar Marquees explains:

“At Trafalgar Marquees, we have teams that work remotely and over numerous sites, and now our CRM is at their fingertips. The ability to access this data via mobile has increased team independence and productivity, as the remote working team does not have to contact the office for information, as they can access the real-time data themselves from wherever they are.”

Alongside giving its workers digital access to its CRM database, the hirer wanted to go one step further and introduce digital signatures into its business. From the very first signature at the point of contracts being signed, through to obtaining signed for proof of delivery, Trafalgar Marquees knew that electronic signatures were the way to go. James continues:

“MCS E-Sign cuts out all chasing for signatures. We create the documents, send them off to the customer, and the system automatically chases if the document isn’t signed promptly. When it is approved, it is automatically stored in MCS-rm with no manual intervention required. Further to this, the Resource Planner means that we can get delivery jobs signed for and store electronic proof of delivery in MCS-rm. We no longer have missing bits of paperwork, and it has also reduced our paper usage considerably, whilst vastly improving our customer service.”

A further requirement of Trafalgar Marquees was to improve security and have a hire system that can be accessed from any location remotely. The MCS Cloud solution proved to be the perfect fit. James concludes:

“Since moving to MCS, our previous fears over our lack of data security are now gone, and that gives us peace of mind. It also means that the same data can be accessed whether working at different depots or working remotely. It has also solved our issue of reviewing documents, as now everyone can review the same document at the same time.”