Evolving out of the covid response collaborative One Industry One Voice, The Power of Events was created in April 2022 and just two months on they have announced the launch of a splash page for the planned UK events industry comms hub. This captures the work completed on developing a clear vision and mission, the new brand, key objectives and the core pillars supporting this ambitious innovation.

Rick Stainton, founder of The Power of Events, said “We have always felt that we had to be impactful, clear and content led, mapping out and signposting the UK events industry in an inclusive way across the seven core sectors. Showing everyone what how this is developing is really important to us, so we can now get feedback and suggestions ensuring the main hub is designed by the industry, for the industry. The support we've had from all levels of organisations and industry communities to date has been humbling – including reaching over 70% of the £100k start up target fund to date, so this is just a taste of what’s to come.”

The splash page, which can be found at www.thepowerofevents.org includes some revised video material to give a taste of the core ambition for the main comms hub. “Obviously by its nature the splash page is quite static but we wanted to give everyone a sense of how dynamic the main hub could be. We all work in a truly creative industry and need to reflect that in the way that we present ourselves.” Stainton added.

Simon Hughes, Stainton’s fellow director at The Power of Events, commented “Getting the splash page away so quickly is a tribute to the team on the Taskforce and digital action group that have helped us shape and form the content. We're really grateful for their support. More importantly this is just the tip of the iceberg – lots more work will be needed to get the main hub and app launched in the autumn. This demonstrates that we are not just a talking shop – we’ve secured University Research Partners from across the UK with several more to come, transferred over the One Industry One Voice social media channels and developed a completely new brand to carry this critically important project forward.

Stainton concluded, “There is a lot more to do and we will still need to spread the word to every corner of the seven core sectors and reach our start up support fund target. So we’re asking all event professionals, trade associations, industry media and support organisations, who are so passionate about our industry’s positive impact and future resilience, to help us achieve both these important goals.” For feedback and suggestions – please email: hello@thepowerofevents.org

Social media channels have been launched:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerofEvents

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_thepowerofevents

Twitter: https://twitter.com/power_of_events 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-power-of-events