At PMY Group, the operations of our brands Etherlive and Spindlewood are taking the lead in promoting sustainability as a fundamental aspect of our organisation. Our commitment centres around adopting a 'minimum footprint' approach, shaping our projects to minimise environmental impact. This includes areas such as:

Equipment Transport – Providing our services requires physical equipment on site, and how we go about it has a big impact on our environmental footprint. We implemented our centralised warehouse this year alongside a centralised equipment tracking system which will support a strategy of optimised delivery. Our goal is to minimise vehicles on the road by transporting only what we need, often going site to site rather than returning to the warehouse.

Crew Travel – With equipment transported centrally our crews are empowered to rely on public transportation for their travel to and from project sites. Even in remote locations, our project teams through project planning sessions, explore alternative options to mitigate emissions associated with crew travel.

Reuse-Recycle – Much of our equipment boasts a lengthy life cycle, serving multiple projects over many years. Our focus is on preparing, storing, and maintaining equipment to maximise its lifespan. Whenever possible, we aim to reel up, test and store fibre for future use. What cannot be reused, such as network cable, is recycled. Even seemingly ‘consumable’ items like patch cords are recovered and reused as much as possible.

Sustainable Partnerships – Many of our projects involve collaboration with other suppliers, particularly with power solutions. By partnering with suppliers to minimise our requirements and identify efficient options like battery and solar power, we aim to operate reliably while keeping our footprint to a minimum. Temporary battery solutions and network emulation tools will help us test deployments before powering up, optimising our energy usage.

Continuous Improvement – We understand that sustainability isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a complex mix of behaviour changes, technology solutions and innovative approaches. Each small change matters, and we actively encourage and reward these continuous improvements to foster a sustainable culture across our organisation. Measuring and reporting on well-defined metrics are vital for tracking progress over time.

At PMY Group, we recognise the importance of supporting a reduced carbon footprint within the industry. We encourage our customers, employees, and partners to join us in driving innovation and continuous improvement towards a sustainable future. Together, we aspire to create a positive impact and cultivate a more environmentally responsible events industry.