What do you do when an unforeseen global pandemic causes chaos in an industry that a high proportion of your business relies on? Panic?! Initially – yes, a bit!

At ColdTraila much of its summer sales and hire of refrigerated trailers is to weddings, festivals, and other large events and with the vast majority of these cancelled the company had to ‘Improvise, Adapt, Overcome’.

At the beginning of the lockdown it was able to assist with refrigeration to hospitals, care homes and other establishments providing essential care to those most effected by the pandemic. Its trailers were used for storage of food, medicines, and anything else that needed to be kept chilled or frozen.

As lockdown continued, farms, farm shops and restaurants saw their opportunity to provide the community with fresh and local produce delivered straight to people’s doors. ColdTraila saw its client base shift to these smaller producers who required more fridge and freezer space to cope with the increased demand.

As much as this pandemic has disturbed our normal way of life, the company believes that this move to using smaller scale, local food producers is one positive thing to come from this negative experience.

In a blog post from 2019 Coldtraila highlighted why cold storage is important to the farming industry, and now in 2020 with even more focus on buying direct from producers, this is even more true.

Much of the farming industry is centred on providing suppliers with fresh, quality meat and dairy produce. In order to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage, it is essential that farmers keep their produce chilled during transit.

Utilising mobile refrigerator trailers is the best way to keep large-scale produce fresh. Offering greater flexibility and functionality, refrigerator trailers are great for the transportation and selling of produce at outdoor markets, shows and festivals. Refrigerated trailers also increase opportunities for many farmers, meaning that they can offer fresh and honest produce almost anywhere across the country.

Mobile refrigeration trailers are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, making them a more sustainable option and therefore p­­opular within the farming industry. Energy can also be conserved by switching the trailer off when not in use, which adds to the environmentally friendly benefits that these chillers offer. Additionally, mobile tow trailers are ideal for farmers who offer the shooting of game on their land, since hanging rails and rollers can be fitted for the storage of carcases. 

Its trailers are always available for short-term rental, which is ideal for farmers who do not own a trailer and need somewhere to store fresh produce for an event. Trailers can also come in handy for farmers who sell their produce on the road – for both small shows and large-scale events.

Ultimately, the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient nature of its chilled trailers make them ideal for use by farmers, who not only need to transport fresh produce, but who are always looking for ways to make their food production and selling processes more sustainable.