Continest is an innovative market-leading foldable container solution, specially developed for the purpose of relatively short-term usage anywhere there is a need for temporary accommodation, office/meeting rooms, first aid, command/guard post, storage, service, with cooling and heating options.

Continest has been developing and manufacturing containers in Hungary since 2017. The essence of the Continest foldable solution is that they are uniquely developed for quick and easy set-up and transport. The solution offers an 80% cut in logistic and storage costs, and a similar reduction in CO2 and GHG emissions.

They are a great solution for events, venues and brands looking to increase their facility and accommodation capacity in an environmentally and cost-conscious way. Continest Technologies Plc is highly committed to environmental issues and sustainable development, which covers all areas of business relations.

The CN units are fully portable and modular and can be configured to create layouts of any scale, creating impressive, two-story offices, admin and production facilities, as well as point of sales units, changing facilities and accommodation. A complete range of multi-functional facility solutions are offered.

Continest units were not only popular at summer festivals throughout Europe, America and Australia, but also serve as rapid response solutions for natural disasters such as on the fire-ravaged Hawaiian island of Maui. A new housing project in Kahului, the ‘Ohana Hope Village is being built from Continest units to accommodate nearly 1,000 displaced people.

As in year’s past, visitors to The Showman's Show 2023 can see and experience new and cool Continest solutions in person including the CONTe-GO – electric car charging container, the CN10 Bed-Stay and the CN Retail Unit.

The Continest team would like to invite you to a remarkable demonstration of the CN portfolio at this year’s Showman's Show. It will take place on Avenue E, stand 259 between 3pm and 4.30pm.