Brett Jackson and Bronte Hall – directors and co-founders of Crafted Canvas are also behind award winning tipi hire companies Garden Weddings and Boutipi as well as the UK’s number one wedding venue Skipbridge Country Weddings. With an awful lot of skin in the game when it comes to quality control in the Tipi world, they found themselves increasingly frustrated by the quality of the products available in the market. They decided to take matters into their own hands and Crafted Canvas was born.

Some of the tipis the busy duo were sourcing for their precious businesses were suffering from all manner of issues, from leakage to sewing faults. On top of the issues, they were overpriced. A terrible combination for any business owner. A lack of durability and excessive cost led to the pair to come up with the idea behind Crafted Canvas. An opportunity to take control of their own destiny: to produce their very own tipis, controlling each stage of the process and ensure that their events would not be hindered by the workmanship of other people.

The early success story of Crafted Canvas shows just what can be achieved out of a sprinkling of frustration, experience and passion for quality products. All Crafted Canvas products are interchangeable with Tentipi and Kata Tipi products.

Crafted Canvas is looking forward to showcasing its tipis at the Showman’s Show for the first time in 2024.