Established over 45 years ago, C.Scope International Ltd is a UK manufacturer with a global sales, service, and support network. The company supplies underground pipe and cable location equipment to utility, construction, civil engineering and events.

At The Showman’s Show, C.Scope will be headlining with the SGV4 Signal Generator. This C.Scope product perfectly complements C. Scopes XL4 range of data-logging Cable Avoidance Tools and, uniquely, features full data-logging capability ensuring that a complete record is kept of all onsite cable avoidance activities rather than a record of just half of the activity.

Data-logging proves that the equipment has been used when it needed to be used, allows for ongoing monitoring of that activity and will allow for the quick and effective identification of any developing training requirements.

C.Scope’s automatic daily self-test feature checks that XL4 locators and SGV4 signal generators are fully functional before use each and every day that they are needed. They record the results of these tests allowing the operator to keep a complete record of the working condition of their cable avoidance equipment at no extra cost.

The company is committed to an ongoing policy of research and development combined with providing unrivalled customer service and after-sales care.

For more information, please visit C.Scope’s stand in the CoverMarque Temporary Structure Supplier’s Pavilion at The Showman’s Show 2023.