Direct Acoustics assist in providing acoustic and thermal solutions for marquees and temporary structures. Its acoustic products minimise and control problematic frequencies that conventional soundproofing cannot, including amplified music, urban traffic and all forms of environmental noise.

Utilising Kader fed mass loaded linings, intelligent speaker systems and bespoke process limiting software it is able to control acoustics which is always a consideration in planning and licensing applications.

At this year's Showmans Show Direct Acoustics will be showcasing Thermoline, its new patented thermal lining. Developed during the pandemic, it offers a no-fuss easy to install insulation with unparalleled results in stabilising temperatures in temporary structures thus removing the ongoing expense and unnecessary energy expenditure associated with heating or cooling your marquee.

This is on the back of the Global Quieting initiative, a term coined by National Geographic to explain how the pandemic has effectively made the world a quieter place with less cars, trains and air traffic around; the population has developed an increased sensitivity to noise.  A combination of more events and alert neighbours means it’s inevitable that complaints will rise and therefore make it harder for venues and events to obtain the licenses they need or maintain good relationships with local residents.