ESITS made a strategic decision to debut at The Showman's Show as a premier choice among their initial exhibitions. This choice stems from the event's unparalleled reputation as the ultimate showcase of products and services catering to the dynamic outdoor, festival, and special event realm.

The Showman's Show provides an unmatched platform for ESITS to introduce its groundbreaking specialist training to a highly targeted audience. By participating, ESITS aims to leverage the show's comprehensive reach to establish invaluable connections, gain insights, and solidify its position as a pivotal contributor within this vibrant industry.

Providing the events industry with specialist training and accreditation for those working on temporary demountable structures.

Working with leading businesses in the sector we have established the Event Structures Industry Training Scheme (ESITS) as a nationally recognised training programme for those involved in the control, planning, design, build, inspection, use and striking of proprietary Temporary Demountable Structures in the events, media, film, leisure, and entertainment industries.

The aim of the scheme is to assure event organisers and employers that those accredited by ESITS have undertaken quality training and assessment, and have demonstrated acceptable levels of knowledge, skills, and behaviours in the relevant level of the Temporary Demountable Structure qualification.

What is the ESITS qualification structure?

There are four key stages to the ESITS qualification structure, starting with the entry level General Events Crew Operative (GECO) course and progressing through to the Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) Master qualification.

Delegates can progress through all the qualifications or commence at a specific qualification level, subject to being able to evidence the relevant experience and being in possession of required Health and Safety training.