Whilst the COVID-19 lockdown had a profound impact on our industry at large, in the background the team at Event Hire UK & Event Cup Solutions have spent 18 months developing the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System, aimed at festivals and large- scale event organisers. It is believed to be the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system.

With many media campaigns highlighting the damage caused to the environment and our oceans by single-use plastic. Switching to a sustainable reusable solution to replace single-use packaging is a positive contribution to reducing GHG emissions and ultimately being kinder to our planet.

Event organisers and venues have always had two options available to when it comes to cups. Disposable, single-use plastics which historically are cheap and easy to dispose of, or reusables which were perceived as expensive and difficult to manage. As legislation changes and taxation designed to reduce our consumption of single use kicks in, the need for a fully managed, sustainable reusable solution has suddenly become greater than ever.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System is the solution to this problem and is designed to give event organisers, brands, stadia and venues with peace of mind that a world-class solution is now available.

It is a fully managed service, including the supply and delivery of the cups in our own trucks driven by our own people. On site, the company supplies and manages cup return points and provides ‘binfrastructure’, so your customer knows where to put their used cups. It also provides POS material which delivers customers with directions of use, as well as providing dedicated cup crews on site to let you get on with doing what you do best. The cups are not fan cups or souvenir cups and the entire service is supplied at a flat rate fee with no loss charges.

Better still, the whole system is carbon-neutral, cups are delivered to us from a carbon-neutral source. Event Hire UK & Event Cup Solutions offsets carbon emissions generated from the cup washing and transportation through the planting of trees right here in the UK.