TicketSellers launched its flexible refund platform at the start of June for customers to either keep their tickets for 2021, part donate some of their tickets or get a refund. Giving customers choice and going against the grain, with many ticket agents just offering blanket refunds.

With a client base that includes numerous boutique festivals reliant on the previous year's ticket sale revenue to keep their finances afloat, if Ticketsellers had simply did a blanket refund for all customers then these events would have nothing left. The company has maintained a fine balance between giving customers the choice to login and say ‘yes, we’d like a refund’ and also working with its clients to ensure they can still run their events. The event organisers have built extremely loyal audiences over the years and this loyalty has shown in the amount of donations and rolled over tickets. 

Things will still be different in 2021, but if anyone can use their creativity, perseverance and sheer grit to make the most of it then it’s definitely events people.'