Step into the future at The Showman’s Show, where reusable cups will be gracing the hands of attendees whether you’re cradling a steaming hot coffee from the cafe or a refreshing drink from the bar. After you've savoured every last drop, return your cup to the cafe, bar, Green Goblet’s stand or drop it in one of our distinctive blue cup return bins.

For more than a decade, Green Goblet has championed sustainability, offering innovative reusable solutions and a path to a greener tomorrow. The company wants to revolutionise events, slash the use of disposable products and foster a more eco-conscious approach to enjoying your favourite beverages.

Green Goblet has an unwavering belief in the power of collective action to combat single-use waste. Each year, billions of disposable cups meet an unfortunate end in landfills or drift through our precious oceans—a narrative it is committed to rewriting through strategic reusable initiatives.

The company is looking forward to sharing its products with you at The Showman’s Show 2023, as together, you’ll embark on a shared mission to forge a sustainable future. Stay tuned for exciting product releases and major updates on the horizon.

Please visit the Green Goblet stand and join the team in raising reusable cups high, toasting to a tomorrow that's undeniably green!