JINDA is a professional manufacturer of PVC knife coated tent material products.

JINDA Corporation originating from Hongqi Warp Kniiting Mill was founded in 1981. It is located in Haining which is famous at home and abroad for being the best place of watching the tides of the Qiangtangjiang River and for being China’s Warp Knitting capital. Haining is 60 kilometres away from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province and 120 kilometres away from Shanghai, China’s largest industrial city. Covering a total area of over 200,000 square meters, Jinda now has over 400 staff and workers. Its total assets are valued CNY 800,000,000.

Jinda has attached great importance to the cooperation with universities, colleges and scientific research institutions in the field of production, education and research. It is China’s pioneer in importing the up-to –date weaving and after-finishing equipment, technology and quality control system from the developed countries. Thanks to the painstaking efforts in learning and renovation, Jinda is now the producer of the following three core products.

The first core product is the coated fabrics for industrial applications, such fabrics are featured with high strength and excellent oxidation-resistant, anti-corrosion and fire retarding performance. They are mainly used for truck covers and, inflation formation materials, membrane-structured construction materials and side curtains of flexible containers. Such fabrics were successfully used for oil retaining in Year 2010 when USA suffered the crude oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico. They have also been intensively used for Shanghai Expositions and large stadiums and gymnasiums of London Olympic Games.

The second core product is warp knitted geo-synthetic materials. Such materials can reinforce and protect the soil mass and prevent the soil settlement. They are mainly used in highways, railways, dykes and dams, retaining walls and fences of mines. Such materials have been widely used for the construction of China’s Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which is the world longest railway built at the world highest elevations, the runway expansion of Shenzhen Airport, Western Passage of Shenzhen and other sophisticated projects etc.

The third core product is printable coated materials for advertisement. Such materials are the new products which have been developed by Jinda in recent years. They are characterized by high strength, large width and aging-resistant, fire-retarding and wind-resistant performances. They are now widely used for large outdoor advertisements and safety fences for buildings.

In order to ensure the product quality, Jinda has built up a scientific quality control system. Jinda has now been accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 certificate, measuring management system and good implementation of standard.

As a pace setter for China’s industrial and technical fabric manufacturers, Jinda, with the support of relevant Chinese authorities, has been quite active and enthusiastic in formulating China’s National Standard Concerning the Knife Over Roll Coated Fabrics for Industrial Applications. At the same time, Jinda has been recognized as one of China’s high-tech enterprises.

For the implementation of China’s 13th Five-Year Development Plan, Jinda will adhere to the principle of “Care for the people, be No.1 by quality, seek for high efficiency by management, and make development by technical renovation” so as to make its knife over roll coated fabrics for industrial applications the best product with the most stable quality in China.