The team behind PEEQUAL, the UK's first touch-free, stand-alone women's urinal will be exhibiting at The Showman’s Show 2021. The company’s mission is to pioneer pee-equality for women that is quick, safe and sustainable. It took the UK’s national media by storm this summer when it launched.

The team behind PEEQUAL, Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane, boast that the product has kickass design features; touch free and open air ensuring that events are more covid safe, with built in antimicrobial material. It is also sustainable, the patent pending flat-pack design allows six times as many urinals to fit on an articulated lorry than portable toilets reducing your event's carbon footprint. Made from sea plastics, it repurposes waste from the sea and is 100% recyclable so it PEEQUALs can be manufactured from the old.

With queue busting capabilities you can generate more revenue for your event when women aren’t waiting in the queue. It’s also a great gender equaliser and provides equal access to facilities for your attendees. It’s time to treat women's time as important as men’s. PEEQUAL provides an additional safe space at your event to increase safety for women. The multi-layout wedge is the building block for all other layouts either as a circle or straight line.

Even during COVID, women have had to queue for toilets that are unsafe, unsanitary and uncomfortable to use. As we emerge from the pandemic queues are only getting longer. In fact, women queue up to 34 times longer than men. This affects all of us either standing in the queue or waiting for someone in it.

You can meet the PEEQUAL team on Stand 190, Avenue C.