During lockdown HireHop spent the time wisely and added new and unique features to its software. It now has the ability to synchronise with multiple different accounting software. For instance, one depot might link to Sage, another to QuickBooks, another to Xero, and a trading company within a depot to another Xero account.  No other rental software can link like this with live synchronisation, so when you authorise an invoice in HireHop, it instantaneously and automatically appears in the correct accounting software.

Other features added during lockdown include a simple cash register style interface for your hire desk, more languages, different dates for different items within a job, revamped modern look, ATA carnet features due to Brexit, more accounting reports, accept online and in person payments from customers, calculated items, customer specific pricing and much more.

Other enhancements include an upgrade to its servers, giving users a 50% to 75% speed increase. It also added more features to its simple to use, yet powerful document engine that produces PDF style brochures, all completed using web standards.

Large and notable new users include Sparq, The SFL Group, The Visions Group, Blackout, UK Rigging and MTD Water have all migrated from their incumbent software to HireHop.