With a combined expertise of over 60 years, identilam and ID&C are leaders in supplying credentials and software solutions across the world. ID&C hold a number of wristband technology patents and identilam’s software is renowned for onsite badging.

But it doesn’t stop there. The business is committed to reducing its emissions by responsible sourcing and working with other companies that mirror its ethos. As it continues to produce high quality, affordable products, such as sustainable wristbands, eco lanyards and recyclable badges – making eco-friendly event planning as easy as possible.

Not only does it offer a range of sustainable products, it has also introduced a post-event recycling scheme, carbon neutral shipping, and carbon offsetting in conjunction with Make It Wild.

Although current efforts allow ID&C to be a carbon neutral company, it understands that there is more work to be done. It is constantly exploring new and efficient ways to help customers reach their sustainability goals too. An ever-expanding eco range helps to reduce the environmental impact of your event without compromising on quality.

With a passionate and dedicated team, its products and services are industry leading, and they’re happy to be challenged to meet your needs. Join them at The Showman’s Show later this year and find out more about its range of sustainable products, recycling schemes, and how they’re becoming a carbon neutral business.