Identilam and ID&C have a combined expertise of over 60 years, leaders in supplying all credentials and software to events on every continent. ID&C hold a number of patents on wristband technology and identilam’s software is renowned for onsite badging. As part of Avery & CCL group, we have operating offices in UK, Europe, and North America.

In the scramble to claw back revenue from a pandemic, customers of ours are running more events this year; some running the same event over multiple weekends. With this growth will come more requirements for sustainability.

Trimming the fat through event supply chains, from the caterer’s food wastage composted, paperless ticketing, promoting car shares, public transport to renewable energy … extremely valid and the crux of embracing sustainable event organisation. For punters, they can take their memories from the event with them in a lanyard or wristband.

It is a myth that sustainable options are expensive if you look at the circular economy of the event it is clearly a false economy. Time and resource for abandoned tent retrieval at Glastonbury (take them home with you!) to the cups in Wembley’s stands after a match, everybody has a part to play.

We are looking at pull event waste into our recycling stream for our products and have some interesting developments, we will tell everyone about later in the year.

Our Eco Ranges as they stand from both ID&C & Identilam’s has increased in popularity rapidly since 2019. So, challenge us and our products to match your events sustainable responsibilities and credentials.

Parent company CCL Industries, set ambitious sustainability targets and to make that leap we chose Make it Wild. The UK love an outdoor event; (mood weather dependent) spectating a sports event or your favourite artists at a festival. We wanted to prevent encroaching on the UK agricultural land where your favourite festival is held, safeguarding the UK countryside. Make It Wild.

2020 – tC02 = 120 Tonnes (Boeing 757) offset with Make it Wild UK through 3 types of native tree.

Learn more and visit the ID&C stand challenge us to aid you in creating a sustainable event … plus boozy prizes to win if you beat the team at Cornhole.