Illumin8 Lights, a specialist lighting tower supplier to the event industry, will be exhibiting at The Showman’s Show for the first time this October. The unique combination of the most eco-friendly lighting available, along with purpose designed vehicles that carry more towers and a bespoke delivery and installation team, is consistently making Illumin8 the go to choice for events and productions of all scales.

Leading the way as an environmentally friendly supplier, Illumin8 is helping events to bring down their carbon emissions and helping the industry with its sustainability targets and to move towards a low carbon future. Many productions are now requesting Illumin8 only lighting towers on their productions, as a result.

Illumin8 offers the flexibility and the reactiveness that is needed in the event industry, consistently delivering a professional service with a personal touch. Find Nick or Neil on Illumin8’s Showman’s stand to find out how your event can benefit from Illumin8 Lights.