It’s fair to say that ‘plastic’ and ‘sustainability’ aren’t always used positively in the same sentence.  However, the INKA Plastic Pallets team is making it their mission to decriminalise the term ‘plastic’ and, as many events and temporary power companies already know, reusable plastic pallets, stillages and crates are often the most sustainable choice thanks to their durability, lightweight structure and long service life.  

On top of the already proven sustainability of reusable plastic stillages, INKA has pioneered the introduction of a 100% recycled version made of post-consumer plastic over the last couple of years. 

 Never one to rest on its laurels, INKA is excited to announce that, from Q1 of 2024, it will be introducing a new scheme that will drastically reduce the financial and environmental cost of importing its stillages into the UK. This will not only offer customers the best prices on the UK market, but also the peace of mind knowing their stillages have been sourced in the most sustainable way possible.  

 The team is looking forward to discussing how its stillages and crates can make your business more sustainable on stand 216, Avenue D.