Location One works with its events customers to decarbonise their site power supply, providing large-scale static solutions through to small-scale portable products. Its newly developed portable Power Cubes are available in sizes 5kW to 10kW, have an abundance of 16amp and 32amp sockets and swivel wheels for easy maneuvering. Recharge is speedy at 2.5 hours. The Power Cubes can be used independently or in conjunction with a generator to transform it into a hybrid power supply.

Net zero and circular economy thinking is at the heart of everything Location One does. The EcoPod waste service keeps materials in circulation through processes like anaerobic digestion, composting and technical recycling. It has a fleet of hybrid and battery tower lights that cut fuel consumption and emissions by 70%+; and its water supply and wastewater treatment processes protect natural waterways and capture waste products for use in anaerobic digestion. Its newest innovation, out soon, is a low-impact trackway solution, designed for agility and to be resource efficient in both manufacture and installation.

Envisaging a future where event energy demand is minimised, power supply is emission-free and silent, and waste is non-existent because products and materials are in a cycle of constant use. This system would take pressure off the natural world, giving it the breathing space to regenerate and rebalance. If this ambition chimes with yours and you are looking for an events supplier to collaborate with, then the team would love to meet with you on Avenue A, stand 127.