MDSC Systems will be showcasing its new Rolling Unit XL trailer, specially designed with the outdoor event industry in mind. It will be the first time the company has presented a trailer of this type in the UK and it believes there are many possibilities for how MDSC products can drive forward the use of rapidly deployable movable spaces for the industry.

The team at MDSC are keen to approach the UK market due to our outdoor events industry and the skills and knowledge that exists in operating special purpose vehicles and trailers. One of the largest advantages its trailers offers is it provides nearly 30 m2 of space whilst maintaining a gross weight of within 3500 kg. It offers an interior room in transport mode and even 600 kg of payload. This has the advantage of having your equipment inside the expanding trailer during transport negating the need for additional vehicles to transport other equipment. It’s easy to set up, even for one person. Due to its low gross weight, it can be towed by light commercial vehicles and pick-up trucks, reducing operational costs and the need for drivers with specific licenses.

The Rolling Unit is the trademark of MSDC Systems OÜ. MDSC Systems is an Estonian company that specialises in the build of expanding shelters for military and rescue customers. The Rolling Unit is a lightweight adoption of the military know how for the commercial market.