MET Medical was delighted to return to The Showman’s Show this year alongside the launch of the Event Medical Association led by NOEA. The events team was on hand throughout to discuss upcoming events and share how they work with event organisers to keep people, licences and the public safe.

As a highly experienced and regulated ambulance and event medical provider MET Medical is committed to the highest possible standards. One of its key strengths is its workforce - a large team of qualified full-time employees who are constantly trained, developed and kept up-to-date. This is achieved in the business via a combination of providing both NHS services such as 999 ambulance and private healthcare in all kinds of settings.

Over the past few years, the Care Quality Commission, who regulate NHS and private health care services, have identified areas of risk due to exemptions that apply for providing medical services within an event site or stadium. The exemptions mean anyone can set up and run a medical service for events without any control, checks or qualifications as long as the care does not leave the event site.

At the same time, there have been rising pressures on our NHS which has affected everything from getting a doctor’s appointment, to waiting hours for an ambulance, being seen in A&E or getting an operation or cancer treatment.

As a leading regulated provider, MET Medical is thrilled to see the development of an association to improve quality and transparency for those procuring first aid and medical services for events. As a business it believes in a level playing field as safety should be the number one priority in the delivery of healthcare services, irrespective of whether they are delivered in the street or inside a showground.

Dave Hawkins, CEO at MET Medical said: “A lot of potential learning came out of the Manchester Arena Bombing inquiry, however, much of that learning is a long way from being implemented. The Purple Guide remains a guide but has been instrumental in generating questions particularly for large events. We are very much welcoming the much-needed regulation to the event medical sector and continue to work with partners in developing the sector.”

As a longstanding NOEA member and an experienced healthcare provider, MET Medical looks forward to seeing improvements in regulation and is fully committed to being a key stakeholder of the Event Medical Association, supporting the development of safe and effective health and medical services being delivered at events of every size.

MET Medical also provides first aid training which is event industry specific and ideal for event production stuff working during build or break and we supply first aid supplies shipped from our own warehouse to support low risk operations.