Ontrax UK, a new supplier of vacuum technology toilets and washroom facilities will be exhibiting at The Showman’s Show this October. The company specialises in providing a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs. Perfect for large events and festivals where increased throughput, a cleaner experience and enhanced sustainability are required.

Ontrax UK offers three different types of modules: the toilet module, the urinal module and the hand washbasin module. Space efficient, the toilet modules use 44% less space than a traditional plastic toilet and 66 toilets can be transported in a single load! Its washbasin module includes eight taps, four on either side and has a full-width stainless steel mirror, integrated soap and hand towel dispensers. Whilst the urinal module offers privacy screens, LED lighting and automatic flushing technology. Its new state of the art vacuum holding tank unit is designed to cope with the toughest demands, with 18,000 litres of storage, they can help reduce your disposal costs significantly.

In 2023 the company will also add a 3-bay shower module, perfectly designed to complement its toilet provision.

Visit Ontrax UK on stand 169, Avenue C.