At HIRE21 last week, the Hire and Rental Industry Association awarded Point of Rental as the Best New Product in General Hire for their Rental eSign & Pay introductions to the industry beyond Point of Rental users.

When COVID-19 struck, Point of Rental modified its eSign product to make it usable by any hire business, regardless of which hire software they used to run their business, and made it free for three months to everyone. As feedback came in from businesses requesting the ability to accept electronic payments, the company added that functionality to eSign.

“2020 was a tough year; it forced a lot of innovation, problem-solving, and working together,” said Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “We’re glad that so many people found eSign & Pay to be helpful, and we look forward to building and innovating together again in 2021.”

Additional contactless features like the ability to send documents for signature via SMS gave hire companies throughout Australia the ability to continue conducting business safely throughout the pandemic where possible.

Overall, Point of Rental provided more than $1.4 million in free software to help companies provide contactless solutions in 2020.