UK based music equipment manufacturer RATstands will be exhibiting at The Showman’s Show for the first time in 2023. It has recently announced the launch of a new website featuring the company’s refreshed branding and a redesign to improve the user experience. 

The website is designed to both showcase the exceptional range of music stands, lights, chairs, staging, and microphone stands that RATstands has designed; along with requesting quotes, product comparisons and making purchases from its online shop as seamless an experience as possible for customers. 

The biggest change RATstands has made to the new website is having an online showroom where customers can browse and compare all RATstands designs, and request quotes for upcoming projects. It now also has a separate online shop where musicians and venues can find all products available to buy in one place. The intention is to create a much easier, cleaner, and functional user experience so customers worldwide can become users of RATstands’ music equipment. RATstands has also launched a brand-new support section which offers 24/7 help including company FAQ’s and product support. 

There is a high demand for RATstands’ products in areas of the world that distributors are not operating. Part of the reasoning behind RATstands launching the new website is to make their products widely available to customers in these parts of the world. RATstands has also made a huge improvement on the product information and content available on their new website so that customers can make better and more informed decisions on buying their products. 

‘Having joined the company in 2021, the website was one of the areas of the business that needed an overhaul to bring it in line with the company’s vision. The new site offers our customers a great user experience and I’m extremely pleased with the new support section that offers answers and guidance to common queries,’ said Jacqueline Thomson, RATstands’ managing director. ‘I am delighted to launch the new site and continue our mission of offering the best stands, lights, chairs and staging for musicians and performers all over the world.’