SKP GmbH will be presenting its tarpaulin cleaning systems and special systems for the tent and event industry at The Showman’s Show. The SKP cleaning and drying systems are known worldwide and have also proven their durability and efficiency. There will also be the tent tarpaulin retraction aid to experience at the SKP stand, which considerably simplifies the erection of tents and is gentle on both the material and the employees. The Tentmaster can be extended with various options and is easy to handle. The patented one-hand quick clamping system, which makes erection easy and efficient, is also convincing.

In addition, the SKPident system will be demonstrated, which is a tent management system designed by SKP. An app was developed for this, which is connected to a hand scanner and significantly simplifies the management of the tent tarpaulins and material. The RFID tags are welded into the tent tarpaulin and can then be read with the SKPident system. Various attributes can be assigned to the tent material, and these can then also be edited regardless of location. The data can be accessed from anywhere via the SKP Cloud. In this way, the system supports tent rental companies in ensuring that the material is available on the construction site in its entirety and in the same quality and offers the possibility of noting any necessary repairs or similar for the tarpaulin in the system directly on site.

The SKP team is looking forward to meeting you at the show and informing you about the wide range of products.