As more event organisers launch their sustainability charters, new company, Electric Wheels Ltd, formed in February 2019 has already started to fill the gap in the events market to offer hire and sale of electric vehicles and will exhibit at The Showman’s Show this October.

The company offers 2x2 work bikes and 4x4 buggies. The 2x2 work bikes are two-wheel drive, all terrain utility motorbikes which are ideal for busy site managers, Health and Safety advisers, medics or security who need to get to different parts of site quickly. Easy to ride, they will help you nip in and out between site infrastructure and get right up to the person without having to get off. They are smooth and ultra-quiet with a range of 75 miles on a single charge and a maximum speed of 28miles per hour. Charging takes 6 hours. They come with a range of boxes, panniers, racks, helmets and other accessories taking a total weight of 150kg. For the on-site medical team, there is a ‘blue light’ version or they can be fitted with amber flashing lights. They even come with a rechargeable port for your mobile device.

Recently used at the East Anglian Game Fair, Hampton Court Flower Festival and the Norfolk Show they have turned heads and proved their worth. Their next major outing will be at Greenbelt Festival in August.

The 4x4 Vector E1 buggies are 2 seater electric buggies with a range of 45 miles on a single charge of 6-8 hours. Their top speed is 25mph and they are also super-quiet, reducing the noise impact on event attendees. They have a flat back with a cargo bed carrying capacity of 500lbs and a towing capacity of 1500lbs. They are hugely versatile and particularly useful for VIP transport. They were recently used at the Festival of Light on the beach at Lowestoft, at Hampton Court Garden Festival and are regularly booked by Gofer Power for shows.