Are you ready to experience the exciting world of exhibitions and shows? From the vibrant blooms at RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court to the maritime marvels at Seawork, and the hidden treasures at Treasure House – these events are more than just showcases; they're experiences.

In today’s landscape, where many small businesses trade exclusively online, trade shows offer them the invaluable opportunity to engage with existing and new customers while meeting with their industry peers.

But what are the key elements to ensuring a high-quality attendee and exhibitor experience? Our team has thoughtfully compiled some of the current and future trends:

  • Seamless Connectivity: In an era where staying connected is non-negotiable, a high-quality event network connected through either wired or Wi-Fi plays a pivotal role. It’s the backbone of cashless transactions, smooth exhibitor demonstrations, and a complete digital experience.
  • A Secure and PCI-Compliant Network: Once the technology infrastructure is in place, seamless authentication and encryption become imperative to meet PCI compliance (for payment systems) and general best practices when communicating over email and messaging systems.
  • Anonymous Visitor Insights: The key to understanding audience engagement and revisits are the latest portable sensors. These innovative devices allow for live and post-event reporting, enabling quantitative data comparison with previous events to provide insights into customer engagement.

Exhibitions and trade shows persist as ‘the place to do business,’ and our event teams are primed to provide support. The ever-evolving technology trends promise continuous innovation and engagement in this dynamic landscape.