The Rubbish Project is dedicated to providing circular, sustainable solutions to every-day products to reduce (or preferably eliminate) waste and carbon. From the team behind the Rubbish Project, it is the UK’s first 100% recycled, zero waste and carbon neutral plastic cup. It has all the benefits of a single use cup, but with better environmental credentials than reusable cups.

Closing the loop

*500 billion disposable cups are wasted each year; that’s around 70 cups for every person on the planet!

Blue planet, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and striking school children have highlighted a growing public awareness of the problems we face with our climate and waste. The public is demanding a different approach; a whole system approach where nothing is thrown away and carbon costs are minimised.

The Rubbish Cup is a 100% recycled PET cup, which comes with its own closed-loop system:



To maximise the sustainability and circularity of the Rubbish Cup, achieve the best capture rates and ease system integration, The Rubbish Project provides a range of different collection methods depending on the size of venue and type of event. 

Customers can choose a bespoke system with options to use compactors, custom bins and deposit schemes, as well as onsite communication and the provision of waste teams. Alternatively, for smaller venues and events there are universal collection systems, which help to improve recycling rates.

Probably the most hygienic solution too!

The Rubbish Cup is supplied and stored in hygienic sealed tubes or sleaves to keep the cups clean and free from contamination. On-site collection options mean that the cups do not need to pass through multiple people’s hands. Once a cup has been used, it is placed into a recycling collection bin where it is stored before being collected and processed into new cups. There is no cross-contamination between customers and staff.