Ticketebo is a carbon negative company, which means it has reduced its carbon footprint to less than neutral. In short, the net effect is that it removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it uses. This helps the company combat the effect that our business has on the environment today.

It is particularly proud of its Trees for Change planting program which has been designed to help the planet into the future. In addition to being carbon negative, Ticketebo works with tree planting partner Ecologi, and between Ticketebo UK and Ticketebo Australia it has planted in excess of 116,558 trees (up to the 4th October 2023), which puts it in the top 100 tree planters in the world using the Ecologi platform.

Through the inclusive program and by engaging with event attendees and organisers it has already planted trees in Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Nicaragua, helping to dramatically combat deforestation, and improve the habitat (and potentially the climate) in the years to come. As well as contributing to the local economies.