Ticketebo, the highly personalised, managed service in the events and expo ticketing space, is exhibiting at The Showman’s Show this October. Operating across multiple sectors including concerts, food, drink and music festivals, sporting events, expos and gigs, all the way through to events for the charity sector. The company works with in person and virtual events, and offers a fully managed service at a very low cost, paid for by a simple low booking fee.

Offering both online and onsite ticketing, including payment services, as well as expo registration and lead collection software, Ticketebo is setup and managed for you by the company’s staff. The software enables organisers to monitor their events’ sales, order reports, and scan attendees in and out of an event all via a single app, which is free to use.

In addition, Ticketebo is on a journey to become carbon zero, conducting rigorous environmental audits and offsetting its carbon usage, it is officially a carbon neutral business. This ensures that all companies that use Ticketebo for their ticketing needs can do so with the peace of mind that every ticket, invoice, piece of technology, and even the fuel used for the company to attend their show is balanced by carbon credits which go towards making it a carbon neutral company. The next step is for it to become a Carbon Zero organisation.

The team is looking forward to meeting visitors on stand 49 in the Exhibition Hall and finding out how they can assist you with your next event.